Johnson’s Bees and Supplies

Johnson’s Bees and Supplies is pleased to offer quality beekeeping products made and supplied by Dadant and Sons, Bennett Apiaries, SouthEast Bee Supply, Kelley Beekeeping, and Mann Lake.  We also carry some items direct from the factory like Honey-B-Healthy products; Acorn Beekeeping foundation and frames; and stands, hive covers, and feeders from Bee Smart.  We may not carry everything beekeeping related, but we do keep the essentials in stock.

Honey Extracting & Packaging

For your honey extracting and bottling needs call Allen at 803-645-6725 or Marie at 803-645-0969. CLICK HERE to see our latest price lists for extraction supplies and honey containers available for pickup at our store.

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Feeders and Feeds



Queen Rearing

Treatments and Pest Management

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