5 Deep Frame Nucs – Picked Up in Your Equipment


5 deep frames with laying queen, brood on 3 frames and honey and pollen on 2 frames.  These frames are placed in your equipment.



Reservations for Spring 2020 nucs start now. Nuc reservations are made on a first come first served basis and can only be picked up when I call to make an appointment for your pickup time. Nucs will not become available until the end of March with availability until the end of June.  Nucs picked up in your equipment requires you to bring a bottom, top, deep hive body and something to close the entrance.  You will also need a ratchet strap to hold all of this together while you travel home with your bees.  You will need filler frames for the extra spaces in your hive body.  There is no frame exchange.

Nuc Order Form for 2019