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Honeybee Swarm Lure Spray
Hyper concentrated, a single spray lasts up to 10 days (in warm climates lasts a little less). Up to 250-300 doses.
How to use:
a) Choose a spot up to 50m from your apiary where it is convenient for you to catch the swarm and spray directly on the surface that you want to attract it. b) If you want to make a trap (with a beehive, a box etc.) spray once inside the beehive and once on the beehive entrance. If you have already placed a frame foundation in the trap, spray on the side of the frame that is near the entrance.
• An ideal height for your trap is around 1.80 m (5,9 ft).
• Check the trap periodically to catch any swarms attracted by it.
• If you are certain that the spot that you sprayed is not emitting any smell repeat the spraying process.

Allure Swarm Attractant Spray

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