Bee Keeping Equipment

Beekeeping is big in South Carolina. At Johnson’s Bees & Supplies, we know this for a fact. That is why we keep a full stock of everything our customers need to establish and maintain their hives, keep their bees healthy and productive, and extract the bee’s honey when it’s time.

We are the only source for beekeeping equipment in our surrounding counties, and customers come to our shop in Williston from hundreds of miles away. They enjoy combing through our impressive inventory of bee-keeping products which includes:

  • • Five, eight, and ten-frame bee boxes
  • • Frames
  • • Foundations
  • • Clothes
  • • Feeders/Feed
  • • Treatments and Pest Management
  • • Queen Production equipment
  • • And more…

Johnson’s Bees & Supplies is proud to offer quality beekeeping equipment produced by Dadant, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, Rossman Apiaries, Mann Lake and Kelley Beekeeping. We also carry some items direct from the factory like Honey-B-Healthy products; Acorn Beekeeping foundation and frames; and stands, hive covers, and feeders from Bee Smart. We may not carry everything in stock, but we do carry the essentials.

Looking for something a little more in-depth? Johnson’s Bees & Supplies offers more than just advice on keeping bees. We offer a beginner’s course that customers can schedule ahead of time to learn more about these industrious creatures and their colonies. Please keep checking with our webpage for the 2016 dates.

When you want the very best bee-keeping equipment for your home or business, call us at (803) 266-7333. We will provide everything you need to keep your hive alive!